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Contents and Formats of our Textbooks

Contents - In addition to lecture material developed from ABFSE outlines, our textbooks have a comprehensive table of contents, an index, a master glossary, and a works consulted section.  Many of our books also have sections to illustrate important forms and provide special guides.

Formats - As of January 2021, all of our textbooks have a consistent format and design.  For example, each chapter has a Chapter Definitions section that provides the definitions for important terms used in the chapter narrative.  Titles, section breaks, italics, bullets, tables, text boxes, and the overall layout are all designed the same in our books.

Maps - All of national textbooks have maps that cross-reference material in the current ABFSE instructional outline with the same material in the textbook.  These are available to faculty members that adopt our textbooks and are sent by email on request.

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