Revisions and Updates of our Textbooks

Revisions - The purpose of a revision to a textbook is to make minor changes, additions, or corrections for those times other than when the ABFSE has updated an instructional outline.  Often these revisions are to incorporate material requested by faculty members.  For example, the most recent revision to the Funeral Service Law textbook was to add material on three OSHA standards.  Although Board outlines recently moved this material from the Law outline to the Embalming outline, some instructors still wanted to include it in their law classes.  We agreed and made the revisions.

Editions - Whenever the Board releases an update to an instructional outline that pertains to one of our textbooks, we fully edit the book to delete material no longer required and add new material that is required.  Our goal is to always ensure our textbooks have the most current information, knowing the material is a primary source for test questions on the 2-part National Board Examination.  We purchase a Copyright License for every Board outline that we need to keep our books current.