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Purpose and Intent of our Textbooks

Purpose - The purpose of our textbooks is to assist and promote funeral service students as they pursue a career in the funeral service industry, as well as to provide support to the college-level faculty and staff members serving as student mentors and classroom instructors.  Our books are developed by incorporating and integrating the educational material identified by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE) as being of importance to the subject of each book.  

Intent - The intent of our textbooks is to serve as a shared, common link between student and instructor; a link designed to serve both groups by presenting pertinent and relevant material in a consistent and organized style conducive to the learning environment.  Integrating the information in this textbook with the skills and knowledge of the educator in the classroom is the formula to effectively preparing for and passing the two-part National Board Examination (NBE) at the conclusion of collegiate academic studies.

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